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Wendy Bartlett Compositions - Sea Symphony (In Progress)

Sea Symphony (2010-        ) – Full Orchestra

Wendy's second symphony in the works, Sea Symphony, is a three movement programmatic orchestral work, this time for full orchestra.

Parents shapeimage_4 Dad1 Ship

Written in loving memory of both of her parents, Glen and Kay Bartlett, who are joined in heaven after a long battle with Parkinson's, this upcoming work tells a story Wendy's father shared as a young sailor in 1952. Almost lost at sea when entering the path of a typhoon, her father's U.S. Naval ship and crew, after tossing and turning six days and nights, slowly maneuvered up the West Coast from the Hawaiian Islands to the Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington USA (which apparently was the only naval shipyard with the sufficient facilities to repair her father's small aircraft carrier at that time).

Seeing Home

Finally able to enjoy shore leave after several turbulent months at sea, Glen brings some shipmates ashore to his hometown of Seattle, where he meets Wendy's mother at Lincoln High School, their alma mater. And the rest, they say, is history.


Further inspiration for this project – although the film was set in WWII (not the Korean war) – includes viewing of "In Harm's Way," a black and white John Wayne file c. 1965, and pieces from Richard Rodgers/Robert Russell Bennett's arrangement of "Victory at Sea" c. 1959. One inspiring piece in particular is Song of the High Seas, as the winds rise for Typhoon (first movement of Sea Symphony).

Planned Movements:

Movement I. Typhoon

Movement II. On the Seventh Day (Largo)

Movement III. Romance